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How Entity Framework Core’s query cache works

I got a question about the query cache in Entity Framework Core – is it shared across DbContexts or is it per instance? With this question I realized I know how the cache work(ed) in Entity Framework 6, but I’m not entirely sure how it’s done in Entity Framework Core. Time to explore! And you can go with me.

How to send push notifications to a browser in ASP.NET Core

In this article, we will show how you can subscribe to Push Notifications using ASP.NET Core and how you can send Push Notifications from .NET as well.

C# 9 The unknown goodies

Discover all the hidden gems in C# 9 that nobody talks about. Module initializers simplified null check, covariant returns, and native sized integers.

Reactive Programming: Hot Vs. Cold Observables

The Observer Pattern is at the core of reactive programming, and observables come in two flavors: hot and cold. This is not explicit when you are coding, so this article explains how to tell the difference and switch to a hot observable. The focus is on hot observables. The concepts here are relevant to all languages that support reactive programming, but the examples are in C#. It’s critical to understand the distinction before you start doing reactive programming because it will bring you unstuck if you don’t.

ASP.NET Core Architecture Overview

A slide deck by David Fowler going through the cross platform web framework.

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