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C# 9: Record Types Introduction & Deep-Dive

Record types are immutable reference types that provide value semantics for equality. Don’t worry – record types aren’t as complicated as they sound. Let’s break it all down.

Generating Code in C#

A new feature in .NET 5 that will be available in C# 9.0 is called “source generators.” It provides a means to create code based on expected conditions in existing code. This feature is baked into the compiler, creating a seamless, native code generation experience. In this article, I’ll dive into source generators and demonstrate how you can use them for your own implementation needs.

Astonishing Performance of .NET 5

I migrated Fusion to .NET 5 today — and honestly, I was absolutely astonished by the performance boost it brings.

Announcing .NET 5.0

We’re excited to release .NET 5.0 today and for you to start using it. It’s a major release — including C# 9 and F# 5 — with a broad set of new features and compelling improvements. It’s already in active use by teams at Microsoft and other companies, in production and for performance testing.

C# 9.0 on the record

With every new version of C# we strive for greater clarity and simplicity in common coding scenarios, and C# 9.0 is no exception. One particular focus this time is supporting terse and immutable representation of data shapes.