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C# vs. F#

This post summarizes the answers and my own opinion on where C# and F# shine.

.NET 5 Breaking Changes to the Base Class Library

The upcoming release of .NET 5 introduces many breaking changes. While the vast majority of them involve edge cases or previously incorrect behavior, some may take developers by surprise. In the first of this multi-part series, InfoQ looks at the Base Class Library.

Guidelines to improve your software design skills with .NET

In this article, we won’t be going over a small subject. To avoid making the blog entry longer than it should be, I will break it into multiple parts. In this first part, we will not go too deeply into data structures. That will be reserved for later. The focus of today is more on software design.

Unit tests in Entity Framework Core 5

Tests are an integral part of software development. These are separate programs that allow you to check if a piece of the program written by us does exactly what it should. Unit tests are small pieces of code that test individual program elements and in Entity Framework Core 5 it’s surprisingly easy to write them.

5 ways to save costs by running .NET apps on Azure

Digital transformation is accelerating at an incredible rate for consumers and employees alike, and the way we live and work has drastically changed. As a result, digital demand is surging, often past the capacity of existing infrastructure due to online demand for goods, services, and information. Businesses are shifting overnight from a physical first approach, to a digital first model putting strain on legacy web apps—both internal and external.

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