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WEBINAR | A .NET Core migration story: The benefits of a carefully planned process

.NET 5 is here! So let’s make the path to progress as painless as possible. On Jan 21, Headspring joins the Ed-Fi Alliance to talk about moving their Admin App to .NET Core, enabling deployment in Docker containers. They’ll provide insights into the planning and delivery process, methods for communicating with stakeholders, and tips to avoid technical risks along the way. Register today!

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.NET 5 Networking Improvements

With .NET 5 released in November, it’s a good time to talk about some of the many improvements in the networking stack. This includes improvements around HTTP, Sockets, networking-related security, and other networking primitives. In this post, I will highlight some of the more impactful and interesting changes in the release.

An introduction to the Data Protection system in ASP.NET Core

In this post I provide a primer on the ASP.NET Core data-protection system: what it is, why do we need it, and how it works at a high level.

Xamarin.Forms: Infinite Scroll ListView (Lazy Loading)

In this blog, we are going to learn how to design an Expandable Infinite Scroll ListView in Xamarin Forms Application. This Infinite scroll function not there in default Xamarin Forms, so we need to add the plugin for this. Here, we need to know, how infinite scroll works, First, we are going to show fixed no of data. Once the user scrolls to reach in the end, we can add more data at the end of the list, so that list will continuously scroll until the data end. Examples, Facebook Feed, and Twitter Feed.

My preferred .NET console stack

An opinionated view on the boilerplate starting point of any .NET console application.

A Practical Intro to Covariance and Contravariance in C#

When defining a generic interface, have you received a hint from Resharper like “The type parameter T could be declared as covariant” (or “contravariant”)? If so, have you then blindly applied the proposed refactoring which decorates your generic parameter with the in or out keyword?


Senior API / Backend Engineer at Fonoa, Remote (UK)

At Fonoa, we automate taxes for the internet economy. As a Senior Backend Software Engineer, your task will be to own several private and public facing microservices products. You will be in charge of product delivery from the very beginning. You will work closely with your product counterpart on designing the product, defining the specs, working on the code, ensuring it's properly tested and deployed.

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