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Write Xamarin.Forms App in JSX/JavaScript, Distribute new versions from web, Reuse existing C# Code in JSX/JavaScript

"Web Atoms" is an advanced MVVM framework to write cross platform applications in HTML5 and Xamarin.Forms. Web Atoms allows you to create Xamarin Forms app in JSX/JavaScript along with C#. Web Atoms allows use of both NPM and NuGet. Hosting JSX/JavaScript on web server allows you to quickly update the apps quickly with Code Push and it also allows you to distribute side by side versions of the same app. Using JavaScript modules, you can divide large app into smaller modules, also offer localization using modules with reduced app size.

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Write Stable Code using Coupling Metrics

Are you tired of changing one part of a system, only to have another part break? Write stable code! Writing stable code can seem impossible. Trying to keep things from breaking can be a nightmare if you're unaware of how your system is coupled. Understanding Afferent & Efferent coupling can guide you into insights about your software architecture & design.

Design Patterns Explained with Food 🥕

Many examples of these patterns as taught online typically avoid incorporating external dependencies like Databases, AMQP queues, external services for things like email and HTTP APIs. While avoiding adding these dependencies to example code makes it easier to demonstrate the core motivation of the design patterns, it also makes it more difficult to imagine real-world scenarios where these patterns might be used. The projects in this repo contain mock versions of these types of dependencies incorporated into various plausible business scenarios. The examples are intended to be lean enough so that the principal benefit of each pattern is evident, but complex enough to avoid oversimplified scenarios.

Enabling prerendering for Blazor WebAssembly apps

In this post I describe the steps to enable server-prerendering for a Blazor WebAssembly application. This post serves as an introduction to some more interesting prerendering approaches I'll be looking at in future posts.

Deep Dive into Open Telemetry for .NET

In this post, I'm going to discuss what Open Telemetry is all about, why you'd want to use it and how to use it with .NET specifically. With a typical application there are three sets of data that you usually want to record: metrics, logs and traces.

Entity Framework Core 6: What Developers Want

Microsoft outlined its plan for Entity Framework Core 6, which in November will take its place as the data access component of the landmark .NET 6, a long-term support (LTS) release that will mark Microsoft's transition from the Windows-only .NET Framework to an open source, cross-platform umbrella offering of all things .NET.

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