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What awaits 6M developers who code in C# in 2021?

In 2020, 6M developers worldwide used C#, mostly in desktop, game, and AR/VR development. Will this change 2021? Take the Developer Economics survey and share your views about the most important coding skills, tools, and technologies. You could win a new smartphone, gaming laptop, licenses, Amazon vouchers, and more! Open until February. Take the survey now.

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Using C# Source Generators to create an external DSL

This post looks at how to use C# Source Generators to build an external DSL to represent mathematical expressions.

Snooping on .NET EventPipes

While playing with EventPipes, I wanted to better understand the Diagnostic IPC Protocol. This protocol is used to transfer diagnostic data between the .NET runtime and a diagnostic client, such as, for example, dotnet-trace. When a .NET process starts, the runtime creates the diagnostic endpoint.

.NET 5 Source Generators jump start

You may have heard about a new feature in .NET 5 called Source Generators. Developers can now generate dynamic code at compile time that .NET will weave into a consuming assembly. The possibilities are endless and will most likely have a profound impact on how we write applications and, ultimately, the performance we can expect from our apps.

Prerendering a Blazor WebAssembly app to static files, without an ASP.NET Core host app

In this post I describe how you can prerender all the pages in a Blazor WebAssembly app, without requiring a host app. That means you can still host your Blazor WebAssembly as static files using GitHub Pages or Netlify, without requiring a backend server.

Improvements to the new Razor editor in Visual Studio

The team has been hard at work bringing the new Razor editor up to parity with the old one, fixing bugs, and adding lots of great new functionality. We think the new editor is close to being ready for normal daily development, so now is the time to give it a try with the latest Visual Studio preview.

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