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Understanding Kubernetes: A Guide to Modernizing Your Cloud Infrastructure

Learn fundamental concepts of Kubernetes, from the components of a Kubernetes cluster to network model implementation. After reading this guide, you’ll have a working knowledge of containers and be able to jump right in and deploy your first Kubernetes cluster on Linode.

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What I Learned About C# From Job Interviews

Lessons learned from job interviews about the C# language. Or more percisely, C# specific to job interviews. A bunch of tips and tricks on passing job interviews in enterprises, both C# related and not.

ASP.NET Core IOptions Configuration

As software developers, we sure do love us some options, especially when it allows us to change application behavior without reimplementing or compiling our apps. The developer gods have carved configuration is carved into our collective developer DNA. Whether you’re new or old to ASP.NET, you’ll likely want to take advantage of settings derived from json files. In this post, we’ll explore the necessary steps required to read configuration settings from disk and the options (pun intended) to working with those values.

Tracing IO in .NET Core

I was made aware of OpenTelemetry a while ago by a blog series Jimmy Bogard and put it in my favourites to read at a later date. Of course I didn't really get back to it in depth and gave it a quick scan at the time although it is a well written in depth blog series so I suggest you do check it out. A while later I saw a blog post by Rehan Saeed which gives an introduction on what OpenTelemetry is and how it works and the concepts behind it and is definitely worth a read.

The New .NET Multi-platform App UI

With .NET 6 previews starting right around the corner, it is time to start getting excited for the new .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) that was announced at BUILD 2020. This year of .NET has a lot of amazing things for client application developers. Let’s review the highlights and set your expectations for the year ahead.

WinUI 3.0 Misconceptions

Recently I came across a twitter thread talking about WinUI 3.0 (WinUI3) and how it failed to live up to expectations. Hopefully, they won’t mind me going through his tweets and providing my thoughts.


Experienced Backend Engineer at Theorem - C# / .NET Core, Remote

As backend engineer at Theorem you will build greenfield and brownfield, scalable web platforms within the .NET Core environment. In addition to providing input on app architecture, you will create and review pull requests daily and engage with internal teams and directly with clients with an agile environment. You will work in small teams with a product manager, designers and other engineers to scope design and implement features.

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