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10 Blazor Features You Probably Didn’t Know

Combining MVC + Blazor in the same project? Add Blazor to your existing project without the need to rewrite the entire app. That's one out of the many benefits of Blazor. To shine light on some more of Blazor's overlooked features, we prepared a blog post to show what makes Blazor a worthy contender as the basis for your next web or desktop app. Read on!

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Pattern Matching In C#

In today’s article we will look at pattern matching in C#. This is a way to match certain members in our objects or the objects themselves to certain conditions and values. This is an especially useful technique to make our code more concise and readable. We will look at several different patterns for matching.

Learn to build HTTP APIs with .NET

ASP.NET makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. Whether you’re new to .NET or an old pro, we’ve got a lot of fresh videos, tutorials, and documentation to help you learn how to build great HTTP APIs.

Exploring the async/await State Machine – Synchronization Context

In this article, I’ll start exploring some of the most popular questions related to async/await.

Creating and Testing ASP.NET Core Filter Attributes

Filters are a great way to inject code in the filter-pipeline, in which the flow is based on the execution order of the different filter-types. Also, we can extract repetitive code out of the action methods. By this way, we can follow the Don’t Repeat Yourself principle by creating a common abstraction.

Crossing the Generics Divide

Generics are great, until they aren't, and when they aren't is when you don't know the type at compile-time but at runtime. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and isn't necessarily a design problem.

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