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How to Make Blazor Web Apps Run on Desktop

Marrying the web and desktop worlds with one tech stack has been a dream for many software development teams, but it's now perfectly achievable. By using either Electron or WebView, porting your app to the desktop becomes a walk in the park. In this blog, you will learn how to achieve what was previously impossible. Read on!

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Loop alignment in .NET

When writing a software, developers try their best to maximize the performance they can get from the code they have baked into the product. Often, there are various tools available to the developers to find that last change they can squeeze into their code to make their software run faster. But sometimes, they might notice slowness in the product because of a totally unrelated change. Even worse, when measured the performance of a feature in a lab, it might show instable performance results that looks like the following BubbleSort graph. What could possibly be introducing such flakiness in the performance?

How to implement Text Detection with C#

In this tutorial we will implement Text Detection algorithm using C# and Accord.NET. The following video demos the final C# application.

Pendulum swing: pure by default

Once upon I time, I used to consider Dependency Injection (DI) and injected interfaces an unequivocal good: the more, the merrier. These days, I tend to only model true application dependencies as injected dependencies. For the rest, I use pure functions.

The path to .NET 5 and Blazor WebAssembly with some fun sprinkled in

With the recent release of .NET 5 at .NET Conf 2020, users saw first-hand how to take advantage of the latest web technology using .NET. One extremely interesting announcement was the new release of Blazor WebAssembly.

PriorityQueue In .NET

It’s somewhat surprising in the 20 years .NET has been out, there hasn’t been an official implementation of a Priority Queue. It hasn’t stopped people hacking together their own Priority Queues, and indeed, even Microsoft has had several implementations of priority queues buried internally in the framework, but just never exposed for the public. Finally, Microsoft has come to the party and implemented an official Priority queue in .NET 6. Yes, .NET 6.


Announcing the Microsoft.Toolkit HighPerformance 7.0 release

In this blog post I wanted to through some of the new features being included in this new version of the HighPerformance package, explain how they work and how they can be used to help in performance oriented scenarios 🚀.

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