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Free Kubernetes eBook: A Guide to Modernizing Your Infrastructure

Learn fundamental concepts of Kubernetes, from the components of a Kubernetes cluster to network model implementation. After reading this guide, you’ll have a working knowledge of containers and be able to jump right in and deploy your first Kubernetes cluster. This free guide is available as an instant download with no registration required.

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Event-Driven architecture with Apache Kafka for .NET developers

An event-driven architecture utilizes events to trigger and communicate between microservices. An event is a change in the service’s state, such as an item being added to the shopping cart. When an event occurs, the service produces an event notification which is a packet of information about the event.

ASP.NET Core pitfalls – null models in post requests

Sometimes, when AJAX posting to a controller, you may get a null model. Why?

C# 9 top-level programs and target-typed expressions

This series of articles explores the new features in .NET’s main programming language. In this first article, we’ll look at top-level statements and target-typed new and conditional expressions. These features make C# less verbose and can be used in everyday programs.

Demystifying bitwise operators in C#

In this video, I try and explain how binary and bitwise operators can work together with enumerations in C#.

Maximizing the power of logs as your application scales

In this article, we’ll go over 6 types of information you can get by correctly utilizing logs. All of them are very different but ultimately provide observability into your application’s performance and usage. I’ll share some tips from my experience and best practices in logging, including structured logging and how powerful query languages can be.

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