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Hack-for-good with the Blazor Telerik Challenge

Join a fierce competition to better the world and win $40,000 in prizes! We at Telerik are organizing a hackathon for web apps that will make the world or your local community a better place. Goodness no matter the scope is good. So, come and reap the awards for dedicating your efforts for the better good. Show us how a web app with Telerik Blazor can help make a difference. Register Now!

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The 8 most missing features in C#

Sometimes you may hear oppinions that there are too many changes introduced to the C# and/or too fast. That people get lost and confused about all this new syntax and feature added here and there. And while one may argue or not, I would like to look at this topic from a different angle – what are you missing in C#? What single functionality would you enjoy the most?

Compilation of math functions into Linq.Expression

In this article, I want to demonstrate how I implemented compilation of mathematical (both numerical and logical) expressions into a delegate using Linq Expression.

Announcing Open Source C# standardization

The C# compilers have been open source since 2014, now in the dotnet/roslyn repository. The dotnet/csharplang split off to provide a dedicate public space for the innovation and evolution of the C# language. Now, dotnet/csharpstandard completes the group, providing a public space for the ongoing work to document the standard for the latest C# language versions.

The pain points of C# source generators

Source generators are a new feature added to C# whereby one can analyse existing source code and generate new source code all from C# itself. One area where this is of interest is serialization - being able to generate an ideal serializer at compile time prevents the need of using reflection at runtime.

Performance Improvements in NuGet

With each new release of Visual Studio comes a plethora of performance improvements when restoring NuGet packages, managing project dependencies, and browsing for the next great package to include in your solution.


Free Kubernetes eBook: A Guide to Modernizing Your Infrastructure

Learn fundamental concepts of Kubernetes, from the components of a Kubernetes cluster to network model implementation. After reading this guide, you’ll have a working knowledge of containers and be able to jump right in and deploy your first Kubernetes cluster. This free guide is available as an instant download with no registration required.