#189 React Native Development Guide


Now free to use: Make front-end features faster, with Mason

With Mason, create browser-based user-interface software in minutes. Mason provides front-end software features as a service using React components and HTML5 custom elements. Mason features are given a unique identifier, which is deployed to your application codebase. At runtime, the Mason library fetches your feature configuration from our API and renders your implementation in your application.

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React Native Development Guide

The all-in-one guide to React Native. Covers all the main topics regarding RN, including RN place on the map of cross-platform development, pros and cons, live market examples, up-to-date data, useful resources and much more.

React Power Tooltip

A powerful and elegant alternative for all your tooltips and menu needs.

Using Custom React Hooks to Simplify Forms

Use custom React Hooks to build forms that require half the code to write, are reusable, and are much easier to read. Read on to learn more!

React Component Composition

There are various advanced concepts and patterns in React to master on becoming a React developer. In this tutorial, I want to go through React’s Component Composition step by step by evolving one example around this React pattern. You can find more about the topic in the official React documentation as well.

A brain dump of all the things you can do to make your React apps load faster

This article will actually cover how you can continue to work on the same React apps that you build, but to consider adding a number of optimizations to it. The key point here is to try and build your React site so that more people can use it.


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