#192 Why I love to test with React testing library


Check your webpack bundle size on every pull request

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Why I love to test with React testing library

Some practical tips on how using react-testing-library can make you a better Frontend Developer by focusing on the value your features give to your users.

Vue vs. React in 2019: Which Framework to Choose and When

Vue.js and React are two frontend JavaScript frameworks popular in the developer world, with React taking the top spot on the podium for three consecutive years now. Both tools offer developers a productive approach to building various Web products, but each has its own best use cases and responds to different business needs. In this article, we’ll explore what those use cases can be, along with perks that make Vue.js and React unique.

Functional Components with Recompose

This article will show a different way to create React components. We’ll discuss responsibilities, HOCs, functional components and Recompose.

No more tears, handling Forms in React using Formik, part I

So Forms, your favorite topic ey? No? Yea I agree with you, not my favorite either. It’s a very important topic so many things we need to get right here.

Modern and clean routing with hooks

A quick experiment about using hooks for routing in a react app turned out to be very flexible and powerful. I published the module hookrouter on npm for anyone to use. Let me introduce it to you in this article.


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