#199 Why I Love useReducer


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Why I Love useReducer

I didn't realize until recently how much I loved the React Hook useReducer. It's one of those advanced hooks, and while I read the documentation about it and already have a good amount of experience with Redux, it took a little while for me to fully understand just how powerful useReducer can make your components.

Modal Components in React Using Custom Hooks

Building modal dialogs in React is a challenge due to their architectural and accessibility complications. However, there is an easy solution.

Microsoft launches React Native for Windows

Microsoft today announced a new open-source project for React Native developers who want to target Windows. “React Native for Windows,” as the project is unsurprisingly called, is meant to be a new ‘performance-oriented’ implementation of React for Windows under the MIT License.

Create Stripe Subscription Payments Using React & AWS Lambda

Before we get cracking, let’s start with a quick recap. We are building a basic app that mimics the functionality that we would typically find on most SaaS websites when subscribing to one of their particular product plans, and we are using Stripe to handle the online payment processing.

React starter kit for Chrome Extensions with Live Reloading 🤓

Software is eating the world. And JavaScript is eating software. Chrome extensions are not an exception here. They are also built using JavaScript. A few days ago, I got an opportunity to work on a small side project which needed a chrome extension. Since I am new to ReactJs and want to tame it, so I decided to build the desired extension with it. Before I narrate the whole story, let’s take a gander on how one develops a chrome extension.


Spend Less Time Sweating Over the UI in Your React Apps

Get started with KendoReact’s 55+ professionally developed UI and data visualization components and cut down on the development time of your React apps. With its wide range of customizable components, from the essential to the advanced, it can augment any existing development stack. Try now 30 days for free.


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