#217 React's useEffect and useRef Explained for Mortals


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React's useEffect and useRef Explained for Mortals

If the React docs leave you in the dust, or Dan Abramov’s blog makes you feel like you’re reading a scroll handed down from Mt Olympus written in ancient Greek, you’re not alone.

Create and Publish a React Component Library

We are going to create a simple React component library which we can publish via npm and use it in other React projects. For tutorial sake, I will create a component which takes a color prop and displays an h1 element with that color. Let’s begin!

Understanding client side routing by implementing a router in Vanilla JS

When working with single page application frameworks, the routing is usually handled by some routing module or package. For many developers, how this routing actually works is something of a mystery. The purpose of this article is to help developers to gain a better understanding of how client side routing works in frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue by implementing this functionality themselves in Vanilla JS.

React Spinners CSS Loaders

Amazing collection of pure CSS react spinners components of css spinners for ajax or loading animation based on loading.io.

Fix the slow render before you fix the re-render

Performance is a serious issue and we should make our apps as fast as possible. How we go about doing that will make a big impact on not only the the effectiveness of our optimizations but also the complexity of our code (how quickly we can make improvements and changes in the future).


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