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Introducing U-SQL – A Language that makes Big Data Processing Easy

Microsoft announced the new Azure Data Lake services for analytics in the cloud that includes a hyper-scale repository, a new analytics service built on YARN that allows data developers and data scientists to analyze all data, and HDInsight, a fully managed Hadoop, Spark, Storm and HBase service.

Announcing General Availability of HDInsight on Linux + new Data Lake Services and Language

Scott Guthrie announces new additions for big data services in Azure, especially the General Availability of HDInsight on linux and Azure Data Lake and Language services

C#6: The nameof Operator

Evolution of the nameof operator in C# and the reasons why you should know about it and how to use it.

Entity Framework Pitfalls: Lazy Loading and Proxy Creation

Discusses issues with lazy load data with Entity Framework in C#.

Storing passwords in a secure way in a SQL Server database

A way to store and encrypt passwords on the database level instead of application one with MSSQL.


Pretty cool cross platform editor for F# written in F# based on Atom editor.

Introducing ASP.NET WebHooks Receivers

Scott Hanselman gives an overall introduction to the new ASP.NET feature - WebHooks with a few sample links.


A C# parser for Microsoft Excel formulas with a 99.9% compatibility rate

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