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Null-Conditional Operators

Josh Eastburn shows how to use the null conditional operator that was introduced in C# 6.

Essential C# 6 Features You Need to Know

Michael Crump shows the most useful features in C# 6 as static usings, auto property initialisers and others.

MSDN Magazine October 2015

A new issue of MSDN Magazine for October 2015 is out with articles about Azure, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Bower and other interesting subjects from .NET community.

Penny Pinching in the Cloud: Your web app doesn't need 64-bit

Scott Hanselman explains why you don't need to host your application on 64-bit machine on Azure and what the drawbacks of that are.

ASP.Net Insufficient Session Timeout

James Jardine goes into details of ASP.NET cookies and how to solve session timeout.

Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 CTP

Visual Studio team brings us the first CTP update for VS2015 with a few fixes and features.

Optimizing your XAML app for performance (10 by 10)

Rajen Kishna shares useful tips and tricks how to speed up Windows desktop app with WPF.

ASP.NET 5 Anywhere with OmniSharp and Yeoman

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and Shayne Boyer shows how to use asp.net on other platforms and how to integrate C# into editors with Omnisharp and use command line tools like Yeoman for project generation.

Inside Azure File Storage

Mark Russinovich gives insides about how the Microsoft Azure File Storage is built.

Mono and C# on Docker – Hello World in 15 Steps

A tutorial that shows how to setup mono and C# inside docker container.

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