Digests ยป 72

this week's favorite

Universal Windows Platform - XAML Styling

Sujeet Suman teaches how to use styles with universal windows applications.

ASP.NET 5 multiple configurations without using environment variables

Damien Bod explains how to use configurations with ASP.NET when avoiding environment variables.

Aurelia with ASP.NET 5 and Web API

Small working example of Aurelia integrated within ASP.NET API by Eric L. Anderson.

Casts and type parameters do not mix

Eric Lippert answers a question about casts and type parameters.

DNX Framework Choices and ASP.NET 5

K. Scott Allen discusses different options as a .NET runtime you can use with ASP.NET 5.

Control how your bower packages are installed with a gulpfile in ASP.NET 5

Big Memory .NET Part 2 - Pile, Our Big Memory Solution for .NET

How to deal with mwmory intense app with managed C# code.

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