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When would you use & on a bool?

Eric Lippert discusses usage of an unusual & operator on the 200th anniversary of the birth of George Boole.

ASP.NET 5 Configuration and IOptions<T>

David Hayden talks about the configuration within ASP.NET 5 and extension methods on IOptions<T>.

Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Reviewed, and it's About Time

Dirk Strauss had a look at Visual Studio Enterprise Edition and gives you reasons why you should use it.

Markdown in your MVC 6 Razor Pages

Dave Paquette shows how simple it is to use markdown within the razor syntax with Markdown.Sharp package.

Logical implication

Eric Lipperts dives into boolean algebra.

The SharpDevelop Community Releases Refactoring Essentials 2

Pretty awesome extension of refactoring essentials for visual studio by sharpdevelop team.

VS2015 Remote Debugging JavaScript – Part 2

Prakash Patel shows how to remotely debug a javascript in web browser from Visual Studio 2015.

Introduction to CLR World

Pedro Benevides gives an introduction into CLR.

Using Redis as a Service in Azure to speed up ASP.NET applications

Scott Hanselman talks about using redis with your asp.net app inside azure as saas.

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