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Using Async-Await With Mutable Structs

Yuval Itzchakov about using async and await features of C# with mutable structs.

Understand how SQL Server works to write better T-SQL queries

Susantha Bathige explains the basics of how MSSQL translates your SQL query under the hood.

Seeding a Many to Many Entity Framework

Peter Kellner advices how to seed a many to many relation with data in Entity Framework.

How C# beats Scala in async programming

Nicolas A Perez shares his view why C# is better for async programming than Scala.


Nice open source installer for Windows that can be used with your app.

Using Roslyn for Runtime Code Generation in Marten

Jeremy Miller on code generation with Roslyn.

First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today

Improvements on performance, cortana, edge and others in the first major update for Windows 10.

C# 6 String Interpolation

David Hayden shows a difference and improvements in string interpolation in C# 6.0.


Alexander Nikitin's implementation of a circuit breaker design pattern in C#.

Optimizing Load Balancing in PLINQs with ReSharper Ultimate


Using User Name Instead Of Email In ASP.NET Identity

A short tutorial on how to use username instead of email with ASP.NET identity membership providers.