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HOWTO: Check JIT Inlining

Alexandr Nikitin shows how to check and debug JIT inlining in CLR

Death by thousands partial views

How lots of partial views can have a huge impact on your site's performance if not used in moderation.

GhostDoc v5.0

A popular documentation tool for Visual Studio released in the version 5.0.

The road to DNX

Marc Gravell series on how to get into DNX and set everything up so you are platform independent.

Running C# scripts and snippets in Visual Studio Code with scriptcs

Filip W. shows how to use scriptcs inside Visual Studio to run small scripts.

Hoisting in .NET Explained

Functional C#: Primitive obsession

Unit testing ASP.NET 5 Controllers with Entity Framework 7 In-Memory Database

What is Resharper and is it worth the money?

Mosh Hamedi discusses the worth of Resharper and what are the features you should pay for.

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