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The piracy paradox at Udemy

Troy Hunt shows the dark side of an online learning Udemy and how they are using pirated version of his course.

The ongoing scourge that is SQL injection and Azure’s new SQL Database Threat Detection

Troy Hunt show Azure's threat detection and how it can show you when someone tries SQL injection on your database.

What's New in C# 6

Paulo Morgado iterates over all the new useful features in C# 6.

Calculating Values using Calculated Values in LINQ

Nick Chamberlain shows some hidden corners of LINQ.

Adding C# scripting to your development arsenal - Part 1

Filip W shows the importance of C# scripting and how to write a simple REPL.

The dedoublifier, part one

Eric Lippert talks about doubles and number conversions in C#.

Improving your build times with IncrediBuild and Visual Studio 2015

Ankit Asthana introduces a new tool for improving the build speed under Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Update 1 RTM


Announcing PowerApps with Azure App Service

Scott Hanselman guves an overview of a new type of apps you can run on Azure.