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The dedoublifier, part three

Eric Lippert continues his serious on number conversions in C#.

Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine to go open-source

Pretty exciting news about the Edge engine being released as an open-source solution.

ASP.NET Performance: 9 Types of Tools You Need to Know!

Matt Watson presents tools that you can use for performance analysis of your ASP.NET application.

MSDN December 2015

A December issue of popular MSDN with articles from Windows and .NET space.

Visual Studio Code - Debugging Improvements

Visual Studio Code got a new debugging feature and Ed Price shows how to use it.

Hunting Down and Killing Ransomware

Mark Russinovich shares a story about hunting down a ransomware.

Announcing the Git Credential Manager for Windows 1.0

Jeremy Epling announces the new Git Credential Manager for storing git metadata on Windows securely.

C# 6 Feature Review: Auto-Property Enhancements

Jimmy Bogard dives into auto property initialization in C# 6.0 and recommends to adopt it as soon as possible.

The dedoublifier, part four

The fourth article in the series about number conversions in C# by Eric Lippert.

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