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Installing the Unreal Engine in Visual Studio

Adam Welch shows how to install Unreal Engine in Visual Studio.

Understanding Type Converters in WPF – Part 1

Sid Patel shows how to use type converters in WPF.

What I Learned After A Week of Visual Studio Code and ASP.NET 5

Khalid Abuhakmeh shares his insight into what he learned from VS Code and ASP.NET 5.

To String or to string

Phil Haack discusses code conventions and why he prefers using String over string.

Early exit is a tail call optimization of procedural languages

Vladimir Khorikov discusses tail call optimisation from functional languages and how to get there with procedural ones.

C# 6 Feature Review: Expression-Bodied Function Members

Jimmy Bogard continues his reviews of new C# features and gives recommendation for future refactoring.

Friction-less immutable objects in Bridge (C# / JavaScript)

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