#479 Keep it secret, keep it safe with .NET

Everything you need to know about configuration and secret management

Everything you need to know about configuration and secret management in .NET

A handy pocketguide that covers everything a .NET developer needs to know about configuration and secret management.

eBook: Migration to .NET MAUI (sponsor)

Do you plan to start your first cross-platform app? Or do you plan to migrate your Xamarin or desktop app to .NET MAUI? You're in the right place. Learn when and how to transition to cross-platform app development.

Questions I ask as .NET interviewer

This blog post is a small collection of questions I asked as a technical interviewer when we had candidates for software developer positions. This might be helpful for you if you are preparing for a job interview.

Deep Dive: Why did this dll increase in file size by 50%?

We recently noticed that one of the dlls that we produce had suddenly jumped up in file size. The WinUI Controls library, Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls.dll that ships as part of Windows App SDK had ballooned in size in our internal builds. It had suddenly grown from 7 MB to 10.5 MB – approximately a 50% increase in size.

Avoiding flaky tests with TimeProvider and ITimer

In this post I look at the new TimeProvider and ITimer types added in .NET 8, describe how to use them, and show common problems they solve.

Exploring Object Layouts

Removing fields from an object should reduce that object's size. Why am I not seeing any difference?


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